Features of a Transponder Key

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Most cars built after 1995 come with transponder keys—a key that’s used as an anti-theft device. A transponder key works through radio-frequency signals that are meant to deter car thefts. Transponders get their name from two words: transmitters and responders. They are not to be confused with automotive remotes, which are used to lock and unlock vehicles. A transponder is a device with the main purpose of eliminating car theft. There are a number of benefits and features of a transponder key.

Anti-Theft Protection

A transponder key makes it difficult for your car to be stolen because most of them are programmed with an identification number that is uniquely programmed to the car which it recognizes. The transponder’s microchip works in tandem with the engine of the car. If this specific key is not used, the car will not start. The microchip embedded in the head of the vehicle key receives a signal from an antenna which is around the ignition cylinder. Consequently, if the car or motorcycle doesn’t receive the right response from the transponder key, the vehicle doesn’t work.

You always want to make sure your transponder key has working batteries. Also, be sure to check and confirm that your system is working just fine, and you can’t find anything physically wrong with the key. If you have questions either check your car manual or contact Arrow Locksmith Co. for a 24-hour locksmith in Orlando.