Fast Key Solutions in Orlando, FL

You don’t have to wait long for fast key solutions in Orlando, FL when you choose Arrow Locksmith & Door Co. Whether you are hiring a new employee or a new roommate is joining your household, we make it quick and painless for you to get the extra keys you need to be prepared for your business or home.

No matter what your situation is, you can rest easy knowing that our locksmith always provides fast and effective service using the finest materials and machines. Contact us today to receive comprehensive residential and commercial locksmith services from our professionals.

variety of keysCreating New Keys While You Wait

No matter what type of keys you need, our team is ready to make the duplication you need. We stock a wide range of blanks to match your existing key, and if we don’t have the one that fits for you, we can order it for you.

By using state-of-the-art machines and materials, we aren’t just able to guarantee all of our keys, but also make duplicates from broken keys, originate keys by code number, or even originate keys for locks where a coder isn’t available. Keys can also be stamped with characters for easier identification. Our spare key services are available for all of the following:

  • Home & Business Keys
  • Automotive & Motorcycle Keys
  • Heavy Truck & Construction Equipment Keys
  • Desk & File Cabinet Keys
  • Safe & Safety Deposit Keys
  • Mailbox Keys
  • High-Security Keys
  • Laser Cut Keys

keymakerA Personal Touch for Your Keys

Want to make it easier to keep track of what keys you have? Maybe you just want to jazz up your key chain? We have you covered. We have a large selection of custom key options for you to choose from, including sports teams, Disney characters, and just about any shape or color you can think of having. We also offer key accessories, such as key rings, hiders, tags, and identifiers.

When you need spare keys in bulk, we can make several duplicates for you. Just call us in advance to discuss your options. Most large orders can be fulfilled in only one business day.