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The Purpose of Bump Resistant Locks

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Lock bumping is a technique used to gain access to locks without a key. The technique includes the word “bumping” because a specially cut key is inserted into a keyhole and then tapped or “bumped” by a screwdriver, a hammer, or some other object. This process forces the pins in the lock to jump to their shear line, and with a little torque applied to the key, the lock opens. Sometimes referred to as an “attack” technique, the “bump keys” are used because they can penetrate conventional pin and tumbler door locks. In other words, a bump key can open any lock that it fits into.

Unfortunately, with bump keys, criminals can spend a few dollars and use those keys to compromise almost any kind of traditional lock in a home or office in seconds. The good news is that you can stop the violators from entering your premises with a bump-resistant lock.

Take note of the type of lock you have on the doors to your home or business. The kind of lock you have determines the new lock model that is compatible with your existing lock. For example, homeowners can choose a mechanical bump-proof lock, while businesses might be best selecting either a mechanical or electronic bump-proof and bump-resistant lock.

To ensure the locks in your home or business are resistant to lock bumping, turn to the pros at Arrow Locksmith Co. We can provide a bump-resistant lock solution when you want to add extra safety and security. Rely on us for a lock replacement in Orlando. If you need emergency services, call us at (407) 855-2080.

Should You Rekey or Replace Locks in a New Home?

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When there’s a change in ownership of a property, the new owners usually plan to rekey or replace the locks. If the home has been previously owned, the new owners will not know who has access to the keys, unlike in new homes where contractors are the ones with access to the keys. If rekeying the locks is chosen, the locksmith removes the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replaces them with new pins and springs that work with a new key. Many locks can be rekeyed and kept in service unless they are not working properly or a different style is required. However, in most new communities, locks are mastered with extra pins left in the lock, which means that numerous different keys could operate a single home’s locks. When these master pins are rekeyed, the possibility of another key operating the locks is eliminated.

Replacing Locks

There are circumstances in which locks must be replaced. Over time, locks wear out and rekeying may no longer be an option to improve their function. Upgrading the locks you have is always a good idea because your home’s locks are what protect you and your property. You may also want to replace your locks for aesthetic reasons or to accommodate disabilities. For example, lever handle locks are attractive and easy to operate, and deadbolts are available with an interior thumb turn that is operated without grasping.

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Most Common Reasons for Broken Locks

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The locks on doors tend to take a great deal of use, so they may unexpectedly break. You don’t want to find yourself locked out of your own home or office, which means your property won’t be secure nor will the inhabitants of the building. That’s why it pays to know how to tell when something is wrong with a lock on your door. Some of the most common indications that there is a problem with a lock on your door include the following:

A Lock Has Seized Up. You can tell that a lock has seized up if it does not turn at all when you put your key into it. Try putting a damp cotton swab into it to wipe out the dirt or grime that may be clogging the mechanism. Use a silicone spray and then work the key around to spread the lubricant around.

Misaligned Weather Stripping. If the weather stripping on the door is not properly aligned, it may prevent the door lock from functioning properly. Try removing the weather stripping and realigning it properly before you try to move the lock.

Lock Bolt Not Operating. The mechanism in your lock may be broken if the lock doesn’t work when you turn the key. If you can, remove the lock to check for missing or worn parts. You can also call a professional at Arrow Locksmith for lock repairs or a lock replacement in Orlando.