The Right Key for Your Business

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Business owners are necessarily concerned with building security and the protection of their property and employees. Security is a priority for every commercial enterprise no matter how large or small. When you need to set up or enhance the protection of your business, count on Arrow Locksmith Co., a leading commercial locksmith in Orlando. We’ve got you covered when it comes to security; we’ve g. There are numerous commercial lock options available in today’s market. It may help you to know the basic parts of a key so that you can be completely confident in the locks you choose.

Head or Bow
The part that you hold when you are inserting the key into a lock is called the key head. Its shape varies from lock to lock and can be unique to the type of lock brand or design you have in your facility. M

Shoulder Stop
The shoulder of the key is what stops the key from being inserted into the cylinder any further than it should be. It regulates how much of the key blade enters the lock, and also helps in key alignment during the cutting process. The shoulder is used for alignment when duplicating keys on a machine to ensure an accurate key copy is produced.

The grooves or cuts of the key are spaced and cut to the necessary depth to turn the cylinder. They are designed to fit certain cylinders in the lock. These spaces and depths are what distinguish one lock from another.

The tip raises the pins into the shape that allows the key to be inserted with ease. In other words, the tip helps to align a key when there is no shoulder stop.