Complete Deadbolt Installation in Orlando, FL

Few things are as effective at increasing the level of security for your home or business like a new deadbolt installation in Orlando, FL. These reliable and durable locks can make sure that your doors stay put when the criminal element comes knocking.

Arrow Locksmith & Door Company is proud to offer this additional level of protection for your home by performing fast and efficient lock installations for any type of property. Contact our residential and commercial locksmiths today to discuss your lock options.

Added Security with a Deadbolt

Unlike regular spring-bolt locks, a deadbolt lock cannot be broken open. It requires the right key for an individual to gain entry to your property. It isn’t uncommon for most homes to have a combination of a deadbolt lock in addition to a traditional spring-bolt lock for most significant entryways. If your home doesn’t, then it is time to make an upgrade.

From single to double cylinder varieties, our deadbolts can be installed onto all types of different doors to help you reduce the risk of a potential break-in. Not only do we offer standard deadbolt installations, but we also provide restricted keyway deadbolts. These innovative systems are used to prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys, which is excellent for customers looking to up their security.

Not sure what type of lock setup is best for your property? Then let our knowledgeable team help you out. We will proudly discuss the benefits that come with all of the different high-quality brands we work with, including:

  • Schlage
  • Medeco
  • Kwikset
  • Yale
  • Sargent
  • Corbin Russwin