Replacement Car Transponder Keys in Orlando, FL

Many drivers use car transponder keys and do not even realize what makes these items so unique. The fact is that these keys are a great tool to help prevent your vehicle from being hot-wired. Almost all new cars on the road today come with this type of key, and most vehicles manufactured since 1998 contain a unique security system that prevents un-programmed keys from even being able to start the engine.

All of these additional security benefits, however, can be a problem if you need to replace lost keys. Luckily, the locksmiths at Arrow Locksmith & Door Co. can work with all different types of car keys. Contact us when you require efficient and effective replacement car transponder keys in Orlando, FL.

Preserving the Safety of Your Vehicle

Buying a car is one of those significant investments that you need to protect. Not only because of how much you need your vehicle daily but also because of the amount of money it cost to purchase. Our team wants you to protect your vehicle against the risk of theft by providing our valuable transponder key technology.

Crafted with a particular transmitter inside of them, these keys are cut and programmed for you without having to pay those expensive dealer fees. We are happy to clone existing keys for those looking for an additional set of new keys if you’ve lost your existing ones or even replacement shells for the key fobs.