Choose High-Security Locks in Orlando, FL

Rest easy knowing that your home or business meets the country’s highest security standards, thanks to the help of the team at Arrow Locksmith Co. Our high-security locks in Orlando, FL, are specialty solutions that increase the safety of your location. From electromechanical door locks to restricted keys, our locksmith has what it takes to keep your business or home safe.

Protection Against Thieves

A standard lock-and-key setup does a lot to protect your property from the threat of break-ins, but that doesn’t mean it can stop crafty thieves from figuring out ways around this easy-to-manipulate system. Drilling, picking, and other tactics can quickly get thieves past simple locks. That is why you need to start thinking about something stronger.

We are ASSA certified and stock a wide variety of ASSA High Security Maximum+ locks which can easily be retrofitted into most commercial and some residential locking hardware.

We can combine ASSA High Security locks with ASSA Restricted locks so that you can save money. This is a feature that Medeco does not offer.

A high-security lock can come in many different varieties, but there is one thing they all have in common–they provide you with a total security solution. Most of these types of locks meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Additional Level of Security (Added Pick Resistance)
  • Added Physical Security (Drilling the Lock)
  • Keys That Cannot Be Duplicated Easily
  • Electronic Components (in addition to Mechanical Locks)

“Do Not Duplicate” Keys

Bring almost any standard key to a home goods store and see just how easy it is to get a duplicate made. While this can be very convenient for you when you are looking to make spares, it can be just as convenient for criminals looking to gain easy access to your property later.

To help maintain your security and safety, our locksmith hosts a database of all restricted lock customers, including names of who is authorized to obtain additional keys. We adhere to this strict policy without exception.

For just a small price, our team can make sure that no hardware store or any other locksmith will duplicate your restricted keys unless the person making the request is a verified individual. Contact us today to learn how we can help you better safeguard your property, possessions, and people.

For protection against unauthorized key duplication we proudly offer the ASSA Maximum+ Restricted lock. It can only be duplicated by our shop and we maintain a detailed log of authorized people using a signature card, and how many keys are cut using a duplication log card.