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Tips for People That Get Locked Out of Their Home

Locksmith in OrlandoWe’ve all done it; you shut the door behind you and realize you don’t have your keys. It’s easy to find yourself in this type of situation, but there are ways to get back inside. If all else fails, there will always be an obliging Orlando locksmith happy to render aid.

Some key things to remember if you’re locked out of your home:

  • Call someone you know that has a spare key. Reach out to family members, friends, neighbors, or your landlord if you’re in a rental.
  • Check the windows, doors, and garage. You may get lucky and find something unlocked.
  • If your neighbors are home, they may have the right tools to access your home. If not, they will likely help you call a friend or locksmith for assistance.
  • If your neighbor has a screwdriver you can borrow, you may be able to unscrew the plate to access the mechanism and get inside.

Make A Plan

The best prevention is planning. If you are concerned that you might lock yourself out, leave a key somewhere safe, like with a friend or neighbor. Or, if you prefer, hide a copy of the key somewhere on your property. You can also look into a keyless lock system for your door.

The best plan is to ensure you have your keys in hand every time you leave your home.

Updating Your File Cabinet & Desk Locks

Locksmith Services in OrlandoOver time the locking mechanisms in filing cabinets and desks can wear out from continual use, eventually making the lock ineffective. When you are storing confidential papers, that means it is time to talk to us about locksmith services in Orlando.

The Key To Secure Documents

Whether you repair or replace the lock is usually dependent on its condition. When you speak to a locksmith, they will be able to supply solutions that make the most sense for your application. There are a variety of lock types for desks and file cabinets. Some locks open all the drawers at once, and others are dedicated to each drawer. The kind you have will dictate the replacement.

Upgrades & New Installations

When you want to change the style of lock or add more to the cabinet or desk, you’ll likely need locksmithing services to do the job. They will have all the right equipment and ensure you can open the lock once the installation is complete. The last thing you need is to install a lock that doesn’t work, so ensuring you find someone knowledgeable in locksmithing is essential.

While not all cabinets and desks have a lock, they can. So, if your needs change over time, consider adding an extra level of security by adding locks.