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What Should You Do If You Lose Your Home Door Keys?

Losing your key can feel like a crisis, but solutions are available. As a locksmith company in Orlando, we’ve helped countless people get back into their houses after misplacing their keys. Here is our advice based on our years of experience:


Find Another Way In: Your front door may be locked, but perhaps a back door or window is open. Obviously, this isn’t ideal for your home security, but forgetting to latch a window or lock a backdoor can be an unexpected blessing during a lockout. Even if you’re certain you shut everything uptight before leaving, it’s worthwhile to double-check.


Try to Circumvent a Door: Some door locks are relatively easy to open if you have the right tools on you. You’ve likely seen people open simple locks with credit cards or paper clips in the movies—it is actually possible. However, it takes time, which you may not have.


Hire a Professional: If you can’t get yourself in, the final step is to call your local locksmith company and ask them to send someone to help you. They will get you inside with no damage to your property. And while the locksmith is there, you should consider asking about getting a spare key made so you can avoid future lockouts.

How to Save Money and Time with Locksmith Services

Talking to your local locksmith might not be your first thought when you’re thinking of how to save money, but it can be surprisingly productive. The following are some ways you can save by taking advantage of locksmith services in Orlando:


Get Spare Keys Made: Making extra keys for your house and car might seem like an unnecessary chore. However, when you inevitably lock yourself out or lose your key, you’ll be glad you have a spare on hand. Rather than paying a higher charge for an emergency lockout call, save money in advance by asking your neighborhood locksmith to make spares of your most important keys.


Rekey Your Home’s Locks: After moving into a new property or removing a previous tenant, you’ll probably want to replace your locks for the sake of security. What many people don’t realize is that total replacement is typically unnecessary; you can rekey your locks instead. This affordable locksmith service involves adjusting the lock’s internal pins so that the old key no longer works and creating a key that fits the current pin arrangement.


Explore Affordable Security Options: Many locksmiths install home security solutions beyond just locks. For example, they might also offer smart doorbells, cameras, or alarm systems. With their expertise, they can help you set up a security system that fits your budget and gives you greater peace of mind.