The Many Different Kinds of Locks, Part 1

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You have lots of options when you are putting in a new door lock at your home or business. The kind of lock you install depends on the level of security you need and the type of doors you are installing.

As an essential part of any building, door locks keep the inhabitants and their belongings safe inside of a home or business. Some of the most common types of locks that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs include all of the following:

  • Padlocks: Padlocks are most commonly used on doors that don’t need high-level security, like shed and storage unit doors. Padlocks are not attached to anything else but instead lock into themselves. They are available in large and small sizes and are usually square or rectangular with a U-shaped bar. One side of the bar locks and releases while the other end of the bar stays in the lock but moves up and down.
  • Deadbolts: A separate mechanism from the doorknob, a deadbolt lock adds an additional layer of security to your front door. Using both a doorknob lock and a deadbolt on home or business entry doors helps to prevent the risk of intruders.
  • Door Knob Locks: One of the most common kinds of lock, the doorknob lock is found on many inner bathroom and bedroom doors in homes. These locks have the locking mechanism inside the doorknob, and they have knobs on either side of the door that can have a single or double cylinder, depending on whether the door locks from the inside or not.

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