locksmith changing a lock

When You Should Rekey Versus Changing the Locks

There are many reasons you might want to rekey or change the locks to your home. Rekeying means your locksmith will change the lock’s existing key to a new key without replacing the entire lock. Changing the locks means switching out the entire mechanism plus the key.


Home rekeying in Orlando is a cost-effective solution to changing the locks. All locks can be rekeyed, so although it’s the same lock, it’s as effective a solution as a total replacement. Rekeying is also an excellent way to create a master key that opens multiple locks.

Lock Replacement

When you want to switch to a different color or design, consider lock replacement. You may also want to upgrade your security to electronic access or higher-grade locking mechanisms. If your home has several different lock brands, changing them all to a single brand means you can create a master key.

Reasons to Make the Switch

There are a few reasons you might want to have your home rekeyed, or the locks changed:

  • You don’t know who else has a key. This concern is especially valid when you move into a new place.
  • You lost a copy of your key and worry someone may have found it.
  • You want to prevent someone who has a key from entering the house.

From new tenants to a lost key, lock replacement and rekeying are standard procedures for an experienced locksmith.