Commercial Locksmith Services, Part 2

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Many commercial locksmith services solve the same problems that homeowners face, which include lockouts, lost keys, lock repairs, lock installations, and hardware upgrades. Rely on a licensed Orlando locksmith at Arrow Locksmith Co. when you need effective and efficient services. To continue with our topic on the commercial services and products that some locksmiths provide we include all of the following:

Access Control
Intact security means knowing who has access to what part of your establishment and maintaining strict controls over it. A commercial locksmith can detail and monitor access controls for safety and to provide information like security logs.

High-Security Locks
High-security locks are durable and strong; they act as a strong deterrent to vandals. Certain businesses require top security and typically use trained, licensed, insured, and verified locksmiths.

Safe Installation, Servicing, & Combination Changes
Onsite safes protect a company’s cash, documents, and similar valuable materials. Safes contain moving components that need upkeep to function properly. Also, safe owners should change their combinations regularly, which can be handled by a commercial locksmith.

Cabinet & Desk Locks
Many offices regularly incur cabinet and desk lockouts or malfunctions. Locksmith services from a reputable company should be employed to repair or install these locks.

Electrified Strikes, Panic Bars, & Magnetic Locks
Electric strikes are designed to manually or automatically lock and unlock doors. They can enable security to open doors through a release switch or allow employees into office spaces with their access cards.

Panic bars can be installed horizontally or vertically on emergency exits and are made for a quick and easy release. They most often do not enable access from the outside.

Magnetic locks rely on magnets to secure doors, which creates lock systems that are extremely difficult to break. These can work in conjunction with an electric source or through permanent magnets only.